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Take Plenty of Rods and Reels Along

Mar 23, 2012, 12:25 PM EDT

FLW-Chad Grigsby

FLW Pro Fishing Tip of the Week
Goodwill Pro Chad Grigsby, Maple Grove, Minnesota

In spring it’s always a good idea to plan on covering water and throwing a lot of different lures until you find the two or three that work better than others. I keep about 10 rigs on my front deck, with as many different baits that make sense for the weather and the water conditions I’ve got in front of me. In most lakes, fish aren’t really settled into one pattern yet so you’ve got to figure on giving them a big menu and making a lot of casts. If you try your favorite one or two baits and don’t catch anything, it might not be because the fish aren’t there, but because they want something else. I might start out at the mouth of a cove or feeder creek with one lure, change up six or seven times and wind up in the backend throwing something completely different. That’s spring fishing.